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Superior Pavement Products and Surfacing Solutions


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Now Offering Premium Products and Services to Delaware

Neyra Industries is pleased to announce the addition of three new distribution center locations in Delaware through the acquisition of Sealcoat Supply, Inc.

Neyra Pavement Products will now serve the Dover, New Castle and Georgetown areas with its premium line of pavement maintenance and surfacing solution products. This acquisition will provide our Delaware customers with an even greater level of service and support through the increased resources of the Neyra family of companies as well as the vast expertise of our staff.

Neyra Pavement Products network of distribution centers continues to grow to meet the needs of our consumer base. To learn more about these new locations, please contact your local Neyra sales representative or call 302-312-3160. For a complete list of our Neyra Pavement Products distribution center locations, click on Locations.

The latest issue of Neyra News, a customer-focused publication that highlights company updates, industry news and business development tips, has been published. 

The Fall-Winter issue features articles on the newest Neyra Pavement Product distribution locations, the upcoming National Pavement Expo (NPE) event and some Q & A on Neyra's latest product - Neyra Force.

In case you missed it in the mail, click here to view the Neyra Fall-Winter 2015 - Issue 4.

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Neyra Industries is featured in the October 2015 issue of Pavement Magazine in the article titled "How to Survive End-of-Season Sealcoating" describing how sealcoating should plan for the end of the season to realize the best results as temperatures drop. 

Pavement Maintenance Magazine interviewed Neyra's own, Tony Heffernan, Regional Sales Manager and Co-Founder of T & K Asphalt, to get his opinion of what sealcoaters must know as the season comes to an end. 

"Whether you're using coal tar or asphalt emulsion sealer, sealcoating is weather dependent," says Heffernan. "You have to be aware of the weather because eventually you're going to run into a frost and that's really the end." Heffernan says. "You don't want to have fresh sealer down or be putting it down in frost conditions. The cooler temperatures can negatively affect the performance of the sealer, unless you are using a cool weather formula sealer."

But there's more to the end-of-season sealcoating than getting the work and trying to keep the customer happy...

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The latest issue of Neyra News, a customer-focused publication that highlights company updates, industry news and business development tips, has been published. 

The spring issue features articles on Neyra's newest product - Neyra Force, Forum rountable discussions, Pavement Magazine highlights, Neyra's training videos and much more.

In case you missed it in the mail, click here to view the Neyra Spring 2015 - Issue 3.

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Neyra Industries is featured in the March/April 2015 issue of Pavement Magazine in the article titled "Why Sealcoat?" describing how sealcoating preserves, protects and extends asphalt pavement life.

Page 18 of the article highlights Neyra's proprietary pavement service life chart that depicts the monetary benefits of maintaining an ongoing pavement prevention plan incorporating regular sealcoating over the life of pavement. 

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Neyra Industries, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest asphalt pavement sealer in its expanding product line – Neyra Force.

Neyra Force is a water-based, petroleum resin sealer that outperforms traditional pavement sealers. While providing the benefits of a coal tar sealer, Neyra Force is environmentally friendly and safe for employees to apply.

Neyra Force offers customers the following features:

  • - A Premium Alternative: Neyra Force is a high performance alternative to both coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers providing exceptional coverage, durability and color stability.
  • - Durable & Long Lasting: Proprietary engineered resin is formulated to create tough and long lasting protection.
  • - Protects & Beautifies: A tight seal forms an impenetrable barrier to protect against the destructive effects of sun, oxidation, water and chemicals, giving pavement a jet black color.
  • - Gas & Oil Resistant: Resists damage caused by gasoline, oil jet fuel leaks and spills.
  • - Environmentally Friendly: A low VOC, non-flammable coating that contains NO coal tar.
  • - Cool Weather Formula Available: Engineered to perform at temperatures as low as 40°F.

Neyra is now offering customers an extensive line of support services to provide you with the tools to successfully manage and grow your business, including business development, financial services, website design and operations consulting.

Business Development Neyra’s development team is comprised of successful business leaders, former contractors and industry experts that know how to design, build and implement successful business plans. Utilizing proven strategies that have helped Neyra grow over the past 40 years allows us to provide results-driven guidance to our customers. Whether it’s increasing profits, improving production rates or enhancing sales and marketing efforts, we can customize a program for any business.

Neyra recently introduced its new customer newsletter, Neyra News - a customer-focused publication that highlights company updates, industry news and business development tips.

In the winter issue, we feature articles on Neyra’s cool weather formulas, the new customer support Services Neyra now offers, a contractor’s playbook for prospecting new business and much more.

During the off season, it is essential that contractors focus their efforts on prospecting for the upcoming year. The end-goal in mind is to always grow the business and strengthen relationships. But how?

Contractors often struggle with what are the most beneficial strategies or proven practices to earn new customers and increase sales. Although every company’s strategic plan will differ, there are a few key marketing practices that can be included to realize the best results – networking, telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing.

Since Neyra Industries, Inc. introduced its cool weather formula product line, customers have experienced great success with product performance in cooler temperatures while increasing their sales due to their ability to extend their sealcoating seasons.

Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather Formulas provide exceptional curing in cooler temperatures, down to 40°F, allowing customers to start sealcoating earlier in the spring and continue later in the fall. When following correct application procedures, customers will encounter a proven design that offers a rich black finish, tough durability and quick drying when used with one of Neyra’s additives.

Duraflex is a premium polymer fortifier for asphalt emulsion. The new water‑based polymer-latex additive is designed as a fortifier for PaveShield, Neyra’s asphalt emulsion pavement sealer. PaveShield fortified with Duraflex will exhibit superior durability and improved drying time than unfortified pavement sealers. Experience enhanced strength, faster setting, beautification, and quicker access with Duraflex.