About Us

With over 50 years of experience and innovation, Neyra is the most trusted name in the pavement maintenance industry. Neyra is a family-owned company constructed on a foundation of quality and integrity. We look at our company as more than just a manufacturer of superior paving products and surfacing solutions. Most importantly, we are your business partner. Contact us to see how you can experience the Neyra Difference.


While Neyra is most recognized for our superior sealcoating products – Tarconite, Neyra Force, PaveShield, SunShield, Jennite and Jennite AE. We also offer customers proven roadway sealants, additives, crack sealants and patching products, primers and paints. Neyra is also your one-stop shop for essential pavement maintenance tools and supplies.

For customers in the sports surfacing industry, we offer a complete line of sports surfacing solutions and color coating systems. Our Dynaflex brand includes products for tennis and pickleball courts, running tracks, playgrounds, basketball courts and other recreational surfaces.

The Neyra Difference

Through a mission to inspire people and have a positive impact on the organizations we serve, Neyra invests in the best people, customers and technology. Above all, we are committed to the growth and development of our customers while continuing our tradition built on quality assurance, performance consistency and exceptional service.Through this commitment, we offer our customers a variety of business solutions to help them grow, including training opportunities, marketing support and business consulting.

Neyra is continually expanding its service offerings as well as it manufacturing and distribution network to better meet of the need of our customers. Consequently, we now operate six manufacturing plants, manage fifteen company-owned Neyra Pavement Products distribution centers and partner with a large network of additional distribution centers throughout the nation.

As a result of our vast network of facilities and unparalleled expertise, Neyra is ready to provide you and your crew with the quality you need and the service you deserve.

This is the Neyra Difference.

Our Corporate Purpose

We are in business to inspire people and have a positive impact on the organizations we serve.

Our Mission

To continue the tradition of providing industry leading pavement maintenance products supported by exceptional customer service.

Learn more about the Neyra Difference and our team, by visiting our Founder’s Letter and We Our Neyra.

Neyra Interstate

Neyra Interstate is the newest division of the Neyra family of companies. For over 50 years, Neyra has been a leader in the national pavement maintenance industry as well as the Greater Cincinnati paving industry. A family-owned company constructed on a foundation of quality and integrity, Neyra is more than just a manufacturer and contractor of superior paving products and surfacing solutions – we are now your premier logistics partner.

To learn more about Neyra Interstate as well as apply to be a part of the Neyra Interstate team, please visit www.neyrainterstate.com.