Neyra products have been a leader in the pavement maintenance industry for over four decades. It is our passion to develop high quality products that exceed industry standards and meet the individual needs of our customers.

Neyra offers a superior product line for Pavement Maintenance Professionals:

  • Pavement Sealers
  • Roadway Sealants
  • Additives
  • Crack Sealants & Patching
  • Primers & Paint
  • Sports Surfacing
  • Track Binders and Coatings
  • Cushion Coatings
  • Marking Paint
  • Supplies, Tools, & Equipment

While Neyra is most recognized for our superior sealcoating products – Tarconite, Neyra Force, PaveShield, SunShield, Jennite and Jennite AE. We also offer customers proven roadway sealants, additives, crack sealants and patching products, primers and paints. Neyra is also your one-stop shop for essential pavement maintenance tools and supplies.

For customers in the sports surfacing industry, we also offer a complete line of sports surfacing solutions and color coating systems. Dynaflex Sports Surfacing is Neyra’s premier product line of athletic surfacing solutions. Since 1980, Neyra has manufactured a full assortment of sports surfacing products for tennis and pickleball courts, running tracks, playgrounds, basketball courts and other recreational surfaces under the Dynaflex Sports Surfacing brand. Whether building a new court or restoring one, Dynaflex Sports Surfacing offers a complete surfacing system for all projects.

Neyra is continually expanding its service offerings as well as it manufacturing and distribution network to better meet of the need of our customers. Consequently, we now operate six manufacturing plants, manage fifteen company-owned Neyra Pavement Products distribution centers and partner with a large network of additional distribution centers throughout the nation. To find a Neyra location near you, click here.