Premium Coal Tar Sealer

JennitePeserve your investment with the best protection possible – the standard of excellence since 1938. Jennite is a premium quality pavement coating composed of refined coal tar that is fortified with rubber prior to emulsification. The resulting high solids product can be applied with no dilution. In addition, Jennite contains a unique surfactant formulation which allows greater compatibility with asphalt surfaces.

The Jennite Surfacing System offers protection that no other product or contractor can provide—a written dual performance warranty.

Technical Information

Jennite Marketing Piece

The high solids, polymer modified formula provides increased resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals.

No dilution required means you can expect up to three times the wear of other pavement coatings.

The Jennite System creates a seamless, skid-resistant and even-textured surface.

Jennite’s tough, tight, waterproof seal is the longest lasting pavement coating.


No Other Pavement Sealer Lasts Longer – Jennite Dual Protection Warranty

Neyra Industries works in partnership with our licensed Jennite contractors to offer you this unique protection: the manufacturer warranties the product and the contractor warranties the installation. Only Jennite trained and licensed contractors can buy and apply this premium surfacing system. Neyra Industries delivers a Certificate of Authenticity with every Jennite shipment.

Our Value

Rely on Neyra’s many years of experience for expert advice in choosing the best pavement management solution for your property. You can trust our national network of insured and trained Jennite application experts and avoid the risk of using unproven contractors. Our certified contractors are equipped to complete projects efficiently and ensure superior results using consistent, high-quality products and standardized specifications. Jennite delivers the longest lasting asphalt pavement protection with the lowest annualized cost as well as the advantage of being a fully deductible maintenance expense for property managers.

To learn more, contact Neyra Industries at or 1-800-543-7077.