Road Renew

Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealer

Road Renew is a high performance asphalt emulsion coating blended for superior adhesion, durability and flexibility. With a high polymer-modified formula, Road Renew replenishes the binder that deteriorates over time due to normal wear, weather and oxidation giving pavement a renewed deep, rich black color. Road Renew provides lasting protection and reduces both cleaning and maintenance costs of your investment.

Technical Information

Neyra Road Renew Marketing Piece

High Performance Coating for Roads, Streets and other Pavement Surfaces.

• Highly Durable
• Slip-Resistant
• Cost Effective
• Easy to Apply
• Minimal Impact on Traffic
• Extends Pavement Service Life

Use Road Renew on streets, roads and other Pavement Surfaces:
• Parking Lots
• Neighborhoods
• Low Traffic Roads
• Highway Shoulders
• Gated Communities
• Airport Taxiways

To learn more, contact Neyra Industries at or 1-800-543-7077.