Jennite AE

Premium Asphalt Emulsion Sealer

Jennite AEPreserve your investment with the best protection possible – the standard of excellence since 1938. Jennite AE is a premium quality pavement coating composed of polymer modified asphalt emulsion specifically formulated as a weather protective, water resistant coating over the asphalt pavements of airports, parking lots and driveways. The resulting high solids product can be applied with no dilution. In addition, Jennite contains a unique surfactant formulation which allows greater compatibility with asphalt surfaces.

The Jennite Surfacing System offers protection that no other product or contractor can provide—a written dual performance warranty.

Technical Information

Jennite AE Marketing Piece

Extremely durable due to its polymer fortified resin and fiber reinforced, high solids formula.

Protects against the drying action of the sun. Reduces raveling, cracking and deterioration.

Made from an asphalt resin binder which is more compatible with new asphalt pavement. Does not promote hairline cracking.

Restores a clean, new look.

Contains no harsh chemicals, no coal tar, no odor and has low VOC’s and PAH’s.

Dual Protection

No Other Pavement Sealer Lasts Longer – Jennite AE Dual Protection Warranty

Neyra Industries works in partnership with our licensed Jennite AE contractors to offer you this unique protection: the manufacturer warranties the product and the contractor warranties the installation. Only Jennite AE trained and licensed contractors can buy and apply the Jennite AE Surfacing System. Neyra Industries delivers a Certificate of Authenticity with every Jennite AE shipment.

To learn more, contact Neyra Industries at or 1-800-543-7077.