Architect / Engineer

All structures rely upon their component materials to provide structural integrity, durability and longevity. A materials engineer or architect’s job is to successfully develop and apply new technologies that will make these structures safer and more cost-effective. This work is critical to the success of any transportation infrastructure or sports surface.

Neyra provides engineers and architects with the best products that produce the highest long-term benefit for the lowest cost. Our company has in-depth knowledge regarding the engineering behavior of paving materials. Neyra also know the most effective production of these materials as well as how they will deteriorate under the combined effects of traffic and the environment.

Neyra’s seasoned professionals are available to provide complimentary on-site inspections and recommendations for all of your needs. Whether sealcoating, crack sealing or sport surfacing, utilize Neyra’s veteran team to determine the best solution for your project. Therefore, architects and engineers can be confident that they are receiving the industry’s highest quality when specifying Neyra products.

All technical information for our products can be downloaded or viewed by visiting our Technical Information. Product data sheets, safety data sheets, specifications and engineering applications are also available online.

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