Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is essential in order to preserve the road in its originally constructed condition. It also protects user safety and provides efficient, convenient travel for patrons. Unfortunately, road maintenance is often neglected or improperly performed. As a result, you will experience rapid deterioration and eventual failure from both vehicle use and climatic impacts. These failures lead to costly repairs.

Probably the most valuable tool for any maintenance program is the knowledge and experience gained by individuals performing the maintenance as well as those supplying the road maintenance products. Every effort should be made to rely on a competent, knowledgeable, and experienced company with the highest quality pavement maintenance products.

With over 40 years of experience and innovation, Neyra is the leader in the pavement maintenance industry. We provide the highest quality products and newest technologies. Promoting strength, durability, longevity and beauty of asphalt pavement, Neyra is the perfect partner for instituting and executing a good maintenance program as well as for future road planning needs.

Proper road maintenance contributes to reliable transport at a reduced cost over the lifetime of the pavement. To learn more or to establish a cost-effective and successful road maintenance plan, contact Neyra at 1-800-543-7077 or