Start Your Season Early With Neyra’s Cool Weather Formulas

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Since Neyra Industries, Inc. introduced its cool weather formula product line, customers have experienced great success with product performance in cooler temperatures while increasing their sales due to their ability to extend their sealcoating seasons.

Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather Formulas provide exceptional curing in cooler temperatures, down to 40°F, allowing customers to start sealcoating earlier in the spring and continue later in the fall. When following correct application procedures, customers will encounter a proven design that offers a rich black finish, tough durability and quick drying when used with one of Neyra’s additives.

With its fortified formulas, Neyra’s coal tar and asphalt-based cool weather formulas present customers with a proven solution to increase sales by lengthening their sealcoating season as noted by Curt Bittner, owner of New York’s All-County Paving.

For over 28 years, All-County Pavement Maintenance has trusted Neyra Industries to provide the highest-quality products with unwavering performance and consistency.

After utilizing Tarconite Cool Weather Formula at Republic Airport in Long Island this past October, Bittner strongly attests to its performance.

“Even with temperatures in the low forties, my team was able to not only complete the project, but completely satisfy our customer with Tarconite Cool Weather Formula’s deep black color,” comments Bittner. “It gives the same look that you would get in the summer but in the cooler fall months.”

Not only was All-County’s customer content with the product’s performance, the airport wanted to increase the capacity of the project and continue its partnership with All-County Paving. “The cool weather product definitely extended our season,” continued Bittner. “We were able to contract an additional one million square feet knowing we could utilize the cool weather formula – without it, we couldn’t have committed to this job so late in the season.”

Neyra Industries, Inc. cool weather formulas demonstrate the company’s continued commitment and investment to innovation and technology. Strategically working each day to ensure they understand and meet the needs of the industry and their customers, Neyra continues its tradition built on quality assurance, performance consistency and exceptional customer service.