Neyra Featured in Pavement Magazine Article “How to Survive End-of-Season Sealcoating”

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Neyra Industries is featured in the October 2015 issue of Pavement Magazine in the article titled “How to Survive End-of-Season Sealcoating” describing how sealcoating should plan for the end of the season to realize the best results as temperatures drop.

Pavement Maintenance Magazine interviewed Neyra’s own, Tony Heffernan, Regional Sales Manager and Co-Founder of T & K Asphalt, to get his opinion of what sealcoaters must know as the season comes to an end.

“Whether you’re using coal tar or asphalt emulsion sealer, sealcoating is weather dependent,” says Heffernan. “You have to be aware of the weather because eventually you’re going to run into a frost and that’s really the end.” Heffernan says. “You don’t want to have fresh sealer down or be putting it down in frost conditions. The cooler temperatures can negatively affect the performance of the sealer, unless you are using a cool weather formula sealer.”

But there’s more to the end-of-season sealcoating than getting the work and trying to keep the customer happy…

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