Our calculators are very detailed and will help you in providing the best proposal possible. Please also note, if you are on a desktop computer, you will see a different version of these calculators than if you are using a smartphone.

Our fully functioning calculators will allow you to:

  1. In seconds, enter and compute all details about your project into a simple form that calculates all items with a complete breakdown of labor, material, overhead and profit-and you can print it for your files too!
  2. Enter cost of materials such as sand, sealer, additives, etc., so that you can see in real time the exact cost broken down by category.
  3. Easily do this on your smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop and get pricing accurately and quickly.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions that will help make your experience better.

Important Reminders:

  1. When entering the square feet or square yards of your area, only use numbers. DO NOT use any commas or other symbols.
  2. Note that the “Total Project Cost” figure is calculated per the unit of measure that you select in the “Project Specifications” section of the calculator.

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