I have used many other products over the years, and I can’t begin to tell you how superior Neyra’s products are compared to other sealers I have used.”


“I’ve tried other sealers but you are our primary vendor because of your service. We can say we need sealer at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, and we’ll get it. I don’t have a lot of vendors that can do that. The product is also consistent, and the service is outstanding. How much better can it get?”


“Neyra is a company you want to model your company after. Having so many long-term employees with over 20 years of experience with the company rookie is so rare. The way the Neyra’s runs the business is impressive.”


“Being a family-owned business over 50-years, I have to tell you, Neyra does a fantastic job and has a great product line. I have received no complaints. I’ve used other brands of products, and in comparison, I can tell you right now, Neyra is doing an amazing job.”


“The Neyra products I use is fantastic. We haven’t had a complaint since we’ve been using it. It works great.”


“Neyra products are excellent. Absolutely no complaints. My phone isn’t ringing saying it’s not working, so it’s working.”


“Tarconite has been great over the years. It holds up extremely well and lasts. We’ve never used anything else. We love Neyra.”


“I partner with Neyra because their products are really good. Service has also been great. I have had some bad luck with some other companies’, so we found our way to Neyra and are extremely happy.”


“We have been buying from Neyra industries for many years. We purchase our products from Neyra because we know they work and make our customers extremely satisfied at the end of the job.”


“I have been buying Neyra products for 20 years. We have a great relationship with the company, and I know they are always there to back the product up.”


“I started partnering with Neyra in 1995, and my experience has always been positive. They always deliver what they promise and do so properly and professionally.”