Superior Pavement Products and Surfacing Solutions

Superior Pavement Products and Surfacing Solutions

Preserves asphalt pavement with a deep, rich, black seal that beautifies and protects

TarconiteFor more than 40 years, thousands of businesses and individuals have made Tarconite their first line of defense to protect the longevity and beauty of millions of acres of asphalt pavement throughout the world. Locking out spills and protecting against the elements, Tarconite delivers a rich, smooth, black finish that’s unparalleled in the marketplace, year after year. When appearance and protection are foremost in your mind, invest in Tarconite.

    Restore the original rich, black look.
    Block out the damaging effects of the sun.
    Keep spills from infiltrating the surface.
    Prevents water penetration.
    Shield pavement against the elements that cause cracks and potholes.
    Make your property safer, cleaner, more attractive and longer-lasting.
    Tarconite is also available in Neyra’s cool weather formula, providing exceptional curing in cooler temperatures down to 40°F.

How Tarconite Sealer Protects and Extends the Life of Your Pavement:

  • Shields against the drying action of the sun and ultraviolet rays.
  • Protects against the number one pavement-destroying force: water.
  • Resists damage caused by gasoline, oil, jet fuel leaks and spills.
  • Bonds firmly to the surface to provide an even-textured, durable barrier.
  • Restores that rich, black look of new pavement.

Tarconite SealerTarconite provides up to 50% greater wear than non-fortified sealers, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, while protecting for pennies a square foot, preventing costly repairs. Tarconite also meets and exceeds rigorous FAA requirements for airport pavements and meets Government and ASTM Specifications.

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